MorphBuster v.7.6.

MorphBuster is a high performance image morphing animation tool.
Using MorphBuster, you can do everything a professional animator does
to create amazing images and animations.

MorphBuster uses OpenGL to render animation frames.
This means that MorphBuster takes advantage of hardware acceleration,
and the rendering speed easily goes up to several hundred FPS (Frames Per Second).

MorphBuster supports all popular image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and TGA,
and you can export to Image Sequences, AVI, Animated GIF, Shockwave Flash, Screen saver, Standalone EXE and other formats.

MorphBuster comes with all the tools you need to resize, crop, rotate, flip, adjust, edit and prepare source images for animation.
Create amusing morphs and have a laugh together with your family and friends using MorphBusters’ built- in deformer.

You can download and use a fully functional MorphBuster for 30 days before you need to buy a license.